What to Look for When Selecting the Right Handmade Jewelry Designer

Do you enjoy jewelry? But do you prefer to wear jewelry that is unique and meaningful to you? Then you will be happy to learn that handmade jewelry is becoming a popular choice for those who enjoy jewelry.

Handmade jewelry designers take extra care and show great passion for the jewelry they create. Many handmade designers are open to customizing a piece to fit your taste and style. You’ll feel special wearing a piece of handmade jewelry that isn’t available to everyone.

The challenging part is finding the right jewelry designer. There are many talented jewelry designers but not all of them craft pieces that fit your style or personality. Other jewelers may not use quality materials causing their work to break or discolor.

Fortunately, there are many tips you can follow to help you find the best jewelers of handmade jewelry. Are you interested in learning how? Here’s the perfect guide to help you find the right handmade jewelry designers.

What Is Handmade Jewelry?

A jeweler who specializes in handmade jewelry takes the time to design and carefully craft every piece of jewelry. Artisan jewelers will craft these pieces by hand, usually one piece at a time. This allows each piece of jewelry to look different and unique.

A handmade jeweler will often cut, carve, and solder jewelry by hand. They don’t use any production machinery which makes each piece of jewelry a little different but allows them to pay more attention to each piece. By paying closer attention to their work, jewelers can catch and fix any imperfections and flaws.

Many jewelry designers may customize jewelry pieces based on a customer’s wants and styles. This is a huge advantage for people looking for a custom piece of jewelry for themselves or as a gift for a close friend or loved one.

By customizing it, you can request a to have a necklace chain a certain size or a pendant to have an engraving. Some places may switch out stones in select rings, necklaces, or earrings.

In most cases, the jeweler will offer you a list of what items are customizable and which ones are not. The list also includes the options you can choose from. This allows the customer to customize a piece of jewelry without overwhelming the jeweler.

Reasons for Buying Handmade Designs

Handmade jewelry has a handcrafted aesthetic that more and more people desire. This style of jewelry is also unique and more affordable than most machine-made or fine jewelry.

Buying from handmade jewelry designers means you’re supporting real people with a passion for their craft. Most handmade jewelers are a single person or a small group of individuals who have a passion for creating handmade jewelry. You’ll also be supporting a local business.

Jewelers who own their business or who work at a small scale are more environmentally friendly. These jewelry designers pay closer attention to the materials they use and how they use them. Since they don’t use any major machines they use less energy than larger jewelry companies.

Handmade jewelry designers take great pride in their work. Their jewelry tends to consist of superior materials and a better build. You’ll have a unique piece of jewelry that you will feel great about wearing.

How to Find the Best Handmade Jewelry Designers

Finding the perfect jeweler who specializes in handmade jewelry may sound like a difficult process. You want to find a jeweler who creates pieces that fit your taste but who is also reputable. Follow these great tips to make finding the right handmade jewelry maker easy.

Look for Reputable Jewelry Designers

The first aspect of a jewelry designer you should look for is their reputation. Are they reliable and trustworthy? Have prior customers left positive reviews?

Before looking at the designer’s work, learn about their reputation in the community. Look for positive reviews regarding the quality and originality of their jewelry. Do they respond and interact with customers in a timely manner?

You should also find out how long they have been practicing their trade. Jewelry designers who’ve been in business for a long time are typically more knowledgeable about their trade. They’ve also had a long time to build a (hopefully) positive reputation.

It doesn’t hurt, however, to check out new jewelry designers in your community or online. You may find some new jewelry designers who offer extra discounts or who are willing to do more for their customers to gain a loyal customer base.

Learn About Their Specialties 

If you’ve found the jewelry designer to be reputable and great to work with, check out the type of work they do. Most handmade jewelry designers focus on 1 or 2 specialty skills such as wire wrapping, stone setting, casting, or engraving. Other jewelry designers may have a very unique and artistic style.

Depending on your style, you may prefer a jeweler who specializes in a particular type of jewelry making. If you’re looking for an engagement ring, for example, you may want someone who specializes in stone settings. 

You can learn about the jeweler’s expertise by stopping by their workplace or asking a few questions over the phone. If the designer is avoiding certain questions or gives vague answers, that’s a red flag. It’s okay to walk away and look for a jewelry designer who knows their trade and is willing to answer your questions.

Look at the Designer’s Past Work

A great way to see a jewelry designer’s style is to look at their past work. Some established jewelers will have a website you can visit to view previous work and testimonials. Newer designers may have Etsy or Facebook accounts where they display and sell their jewelry.

If a jeweler doesn’t have an online presence or you want to see more, stop by the designer’s store or studio. Most jewelers will display their work in cases for you to see the jewelry in person. You can usually ask to hold or try on a piece of jewelry.

As you look through the jewelry designer’s work, don't be afraid to ask about their process of making jewelry. Do they cast or hand fabricate their jewelry? Ask how the process affects the finished product.

Many designers love sharing their process with you. Some may get into what inspired them and why they’re creating jewelry today.

If you’re looking for a pendant or ring with a stone, pay close attention to stone settings. All stones in the designer’s work should be set alike and securely held in place without too much bulk.

The same goes for engraving, wire wrapping, or any other designs the jeweler creates. Everything should appear consistent and clean.

Finally, pay close attention to the style of their work. If one jeweler’s work doesn’t match your style, it’s okay to continue shopping around.

Check Online

While it’s best to support local jewelers in your community, you might not find the right style of handcrafted jewelry. In this case, the internet can be a great place to find the perfect handmade jewelry designer.

The best part is, you can still find unique handcrafted jewelry while supporting a small jewelry business from your home. You may also have the opportunity to find a jeweler who’s style is exactly what you were looking for.

Does the Designer Offer Customizable Jewelry?

Some handmade jewelers prefer to create their jewelry and sell it as-is. Others offer customizable jewelry where you can trade out charms or pendants for another one offered by the jeweler.

A growing trend in handmade jewelry is customizable stamps. People love having jewelry that has a meaningful name, phrase, or date. We offer a selection of custom stamped necklaces.

For some people, the ability to make small changes to a piece of jewelry is a big deal. If you’re unsure if the jeweler offers any customizations ask them. Most jewelers are willing to make small customizations such as changing out pendant or swapping chains.

Exchange and Repair Policies

Imagine you purchased a beautiful ring crafted by a handmade jewelry designer. The only issue is the ring is too small! Does the jeweler have an exchange policy or are all sales final?

This is an important aspect for those who plan to purchase their handmade jewelry online. There’s the risk your jewelry may become damaged in shipping or you order the wrong size. 

Most reputable handmade jewelry designers have an exchange or repair policy. You can check the jeweler’s policies for exchanges online or by contacting them via phone or email.

Start Shopping for Handmade Jewelry Today

Many talented jewelers specialize in handcrafted jewelers. With these helpful tips you are sure to find the perfect handmade jewelry designer who’s work matches your taste. You’ll also feel good supporting a small or local jewelry business.

Want to learn more about handmade jewelry? Let us know! We’re happy to help you with any questions or inquiries you have.

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