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Inspired by art and vintage pieces, Julio Designs creates modern jewelry by fusing contemporary materials with classic styles. Our pieces are handmade in Frisco, Texas and sold in retail stores internationally.

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Supporting the Community

Julio Designs products are handmade in Frisco, Texas. Julio Designs proudly employs women, many who are mothers, in their community that desire a meaningful career opportunity while maintaining a work/life balance. Kiddos running around our office is the norm!

About Julio
Made to Order

Since all of our pieces are made in-studio, we offer customization to fit your unique needs. We can change a chain, hand stamp, lengthen or shorten- all which makes our jewelry truly customizable. Just send us a note at checkout with your request and we will let you know what's possible.

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Great Lengths

We can customize most of our pieces to fit your unique needs. So you can (finally) layer your necklaces like a pro.

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Modern Classic

Chain necklaces are back and better while layered to make a statement.

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