Bling It On! 14 of the Hottest Jewelry Trends: 2020 Edition

We're well into 2020 and it's almost time to start bringing out your summer jewelry. While winter and spring may be too chilly to be showing off your special pieces, summer is the perfect time to be displaying your best. Are you keeping up with the 2020 jewelry trends that everyone is all about?

Each year brings new styles (and the return of some old ones of course) and it might be time for you to refresh your jewelry box. 

You don't want to miss out on some of these cute new styles trending this year. Keep reading to learn about 14 of the best current jewelry trends that we're loving for 2020. 

1. Statement Chokers

Does the statement necklace ever go out of style? 

Even in the most subdued of styles, sometimes you need just a little "pop" of shine. This is where the statement necklace comes in.

Over time, the styles have changed. Sometimes they're long and layered. Others, they look almost like hanging Christmas baubles.

In 2020, statement chokers are all the rage. While 2018 and 2019 brought the popularity of the skinny chokers from the 90s back, 2020 is making them loud, proud, and sparkly.

Don't hide your choker under layers anymore. This isn't the tattoo choker of your teens. This is something new altogether. 

2. Giant Hoops

Hoop Earrings feel like one of those trends that never actually disappears, but in truth, they fade in and out in popularity.

For a time, they disappeared into the ether, replaced with snug rings and hanging designs. Now, though, they've returned to the limelight. You can bring them back out of hiding with pride, or pick up some new ones for yourself.

These are most popular in gold, but pick whatever suits your skin tone and style. 

3. Animal Figures and Motifs 

Who knew that animal-shaped jewelry would be a hot item in 2020. 

Perhaps it's due to some runway designs showing off leopards and other big cats, or to a certain Big Cat documentary on everyone's favorite streaming service, but the votes are in: animals are back in fashion. We're wearing them, but only on our jewelry. 

Whether you've got a cool leopard or tortoise print design on your earrings or you have a full cat-shaped ring decorating your finger, this is a trend that you might have to go out of your way to follow. 

4. Colorful Gems and Stones

2020 needed a bit of color and the 2020 jewelry trends did not disappoint. Bright and bold gems and stones are back in for this year, replacing the clear stones and smooth metals of the years past.

These items pair great with neutral basics and bright sundresses alike and look great at any summer pool party. 

These make for a sweet and casual beachy look that can go with any occasion. 

5. "Not Jewelry" Jewelry 

It's currently cool to be uncool. Pretty to be unpretty. This means that there are a few jewelry items coming into fashion that are a bit...offbeat. How can something be trendy when it's trendy to not be on-trend? Confusing, right?

Gold-plated safety pins, screws, and nails are all up for this year's trend box. Simpler things as well, like coins and knots are coming into fashion this year. While they might seem a little harsh for the average fashionista, they pair well with softer items in your collection like your gold basics. 

This might be a bit of a new trend for you (though let's face it, who hasn't worn a safety pin earring in their day?) but give it a whirl and see if it's your thing. 

If not, your classic standbys aren't going anywhere. 

6. Thick Chains

Thick and chunky chains are a huge trend for 2020. Think of a chain-link fence. That's the style you're looking for. 

While gentle chains will never go out of style, adding a thick chain to your neck or wrist can feel kind of weighty and powerful. They're great to offset a plain or monochrome outfit. They're an instant statement piece and you'll feel a little bit tougher for wearing one. 

Getting just one to put in your jewelry box (in a corresponding color with the rest of your jewelry) is a great way to mix it up once in a while without going too far out of your comfort zone. 

7. Jewelry Near the Feet and Ankles 

In 2020 we're not stopping at the wrists for jewelry. We're not even stopping at body jewelry. 

Jewelry on the shoes and ankles is trending right now. We're always looking for new ways to dazzle and this is the newest.

While anklets have been popular on and off for decades, jewelry affixed to the shoes is definitely a new one. 

If you're not in the market for specially-made shoe jewelry (who knows how long this trend will last), try experimenting with some of your own favorite pieces as anklets or wraps around the straps of your favorite sandals.

8. Pearls Are Back

Pearls aren't just for your grandmother's jewelry box anymore. 

These classic gems from the sea are coming back into fashion for all kinds of different jewelry pieces. Don't restrict yourself to the classic pearl earrings or necklaces; there are so many options!

Pearls go well with everything but do best in a formal or semi-formal outfit. The right pearls can be casual too, though, so it all depends on your look. 

If you've ever found yourself raiding your grandmother's closet for pearls, this is the trend for you. 

9. Single Earring

The single-earring trend has been coming and going in waves since the eighties when George Michael broke some gender rules and made it his own. 

It is back and better than ever, and the best part is that you don't need anything specific to do it. You get to make your style fit this trend!

Pick a nice pair of earrings (either something new and shiny or an old favorite) and only wear one. 

For a cute look, give the other to a friend, sister, child, or another family member to wear so you have a subtle matching theme going on. 

Tip: this look goes best with dangling earrings if you really want to pop. 

10. Mismatched Earrings 

After the single earring comes its close siblings: the mismatched earrings. 

This is the same idea. You're going to be taking some of your favorite pairs and matching them up to other pairs. 

This might seem silly at first, but as you look at your collection, you'll realize that some of your jewelry looks really good together. It might seem a bit quirky, but people will love the look. 

If you keep it subtle, most people won't notice, and those who do will be delighted.

11. Vintage and Heirloom Inspired 

Vintage feels like it's always in fashion, but 2020 is raiding the forties and fifties for its style inspiration. 

You're looking for heirloom inspired pieces. These are things that can be real classics. Maybe they actually did belong to your grandparents. Maybe they just look like they could have.

While many of these pieces can only be found in thrift stores, they're so popular that they're being made by modern jewelers with a "vintage look". 

12. Mixed Metals

Every so often certain "fashion rules" come into play and it becomes cool or uncool to do this or that. Mixing metals has been uncool for a while. 

Well, no more! You are free, friends, to mix metals to your heart's delight. 

It might feel weird. You might not know how to do it. It's been taboo for so long. How do you even begin? 

Just stick with an anchor color and slowly add in some of your favorites that don't quite match. Sooner or later you'll be mixing and matching with reckless abandon. 

13. Acrylic and Enamel Are in 

For a while, only metals were in. Then metals and gems. Then just metals again. Now we're back to the fun jewelry. You can have acrylic and enamel jewelry and still be trendy.

This jewelry is lightweight and comes in any color that you can imagine. It's poppy and bright and has a "funky" vibe that feels very eighties. 

If you were missing that bright spot of color in your jewelry box, try a few of these pieces. 

14. Shells Are Back

Just in time for summer, we're headed back to the sea with shell designs.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the puka shells of your past are returning just yet. While they were trendy for teens for a while in 2018, these styles are a bit more elegant. 

All kinds of seafaring jewelry are back on the table, be it aquamarine, sea glass, doubloons, or shells. If you see it and think "ocean", it's probably in style. 

Which of These 2020 Jewelry Trends Are You Picking Up?

Every year brings new and fun style waves to catch, and these 2020 style trends are super cool. While they might not all be for you, mixing and matching just a few will have you looking sweet and stylish all summer long. 

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