8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Earrings

Archeological evidence exists that men and women have been wearing earrings since before recorded history. Every civilization has used jewelry, earrings, in particular, to send a message about the wearer’s wealth, social status, religion, sexuality, or availability.

From the styles of earrings to the shape or size of earrings, mistakes can be made in choosing the right earrings for you. Send the right message by avoiding these 8 common mistakes when wearing earrings. 

1. Right Earrings, Wrong Occasion

Earrings appropriate for a celebratory night out may not be the best choice for the office or a Saturday morning kid’s soccer game. Just because you love a particular pair of earrings doesn’t mean they are earrings that match the occasion. 

The beauty of wearing earrings is they are an easy way to change the look of any outfit or make a statement on their own. Choosing the right style for the right look is an important decision.

If you are not sure chose a quality pair of studs. A simple pair of studs is always a good choice.

2. Wrong Style for Your Face

It is a good idea to choose a style of earrings to accentuate the shape of your face. No matter the worth of the gold or gems, choosing the wrong style makes the earring all wrong. Earrings are selected to enhance your features not distract from them. 

For example, if you have a round, full face you may wish to choose lovely drop earrings. Drop earrings make the face appear longer and slimmer.

Avoid large, round hoop earrings that draw the eyes across the face making it appear rounder. Learn the shape of your face and choose the style that most suits you.

3. Wearing the Same Earrings Everyday

You may consider wearing the same earrings every day a style statement, but avoid falling into this habit. Changing out your earrings daily to compliment your outfit can remind you of pairs you have forgotten.

There is nothing better than having the perfect pair of earrings for the perfect outfit or occasion. 

4. Not Cleaning Your Jewelry

Soap and shampoo attract dirt and germs especially around small posts behind the earlobe. Infections can occur. It is best to remove your earrings and give them a good cleaning.

There are many types of jewelry cleaners available to do an outstanding job of cleaning and shining your gems. Make sure to give your earrings, posts, and stems, (and naked earlobes) a good cleaning with soapy warm water.

It’s just good hygiene. Besides, wearing the same earrings every day is plain old boring when there are so many incredible styles to choose from! 

5. Avoiding Clip-Ons for Earrings

There are many reasons people choose clip-ons for earrings, the first being the most obvious, they don’t have pierced ears. If you have opted-out of having your ears pierced you are probably already wearing clip-on earrings. 

Even if you have pierced lobes, you can wear clip-ons. There are some aesthetically valid reasons to do so. Larger, heavier earrings tend to pull the earlobe down, resulting in an unattractive elongated look.

With clip-on earrings, oversized statement pieces are attached over the entire lower part of the earlobe so that stretched out look we all dread as we get older, is eliminated. 

With designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent offering their unique take on clip-ons, this type of jewelry is being elevated to couture levels. Whether you choose a bold statement style or a more classic, understated style, you are certain to find a pair to match your style. 

6. Avoid Getting Your Earrings Wet

You found that perfect pair of studs, now why risk losing them down the drain? Wearing your earrings when showering is an easy way to lose them. With slippery soap or shampoo, they can slide right off and they are gone before you realize it. 

Not to mention, soaps and shampoos add to sticky grime and gummy residue left behind on them. It is best to remove them and store them before getting into the shower. When swimming in pools or the ocean, it is best to leave the earrings behind. 

Chlorine in pools and jacuzzi’s can discolor silver and soften many precious minerals. As for saltwater, it can discolor diamonds and erode soldered parts of jewelry.

7. Wearing the Wrong Color Jewelry for Your Skin Tone

While it is always good to wear the jewelry you love, choose the appropriate color to complement your skin tone. 

Skin tone is either cool or warm. Cool skin tones have a pink or rosy-tint to their skin. The veins in their wrist appear bluish. Most people have cool skin tone, including people with dark or tan skin. 

If you have a cool skin tone, you will look best in platinum, white gold, and silver. For gems consider pearls, Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Ruby, Emerald, Opal, and diamonds.

If you have greener-looking veins in your arms and an apricot or peach tone to your skin, you are a warm skin tone. Darker skin is rarely a warm tone. You will look best in classic yellow gold or rose gold. 

Warm hued gemstones such as citrine, garnet, morganite, peridot, ruby, and canary yellow diamonds are always a flattering choice. Choosing a different earring material that matches your skin tone is often the best way to be sure your earrings flatter your complexion. 

8. Storing Your Jewelry Incorrectly

Avoid storing your beautiful earrings and jewelry in a place where high humidity is an issue, such as your bathroom. Sterling silver, in particular, will quickly tarnish when humid.

Storing your precious gems in a jewelry box or roll, with less exposure to the air and humidity will keep them shining longer and prevent scratching or tangling. 

Wearing Earrings Makes Your Outfit Complete

Not all earrings are created equal, not when it comes to looking and feeling your best. These 8 common mistakes to avoid when wearing earrings will help you choose your best look and keep that look looking great longer. 

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