7 Tips for How to Wear Statement Necklaces With Any Outfit

Even in turbulent economic times, people place huge value on looking their best. According to the most recently available numbers, the global jewelry industry is worth about $161.3 billion. It's also expected to rise at a pretty steady rate of 5-6% each year!

If you're someone who believes that you need to look amazing to feel amazing, we're right there with you. We also know that statement necklaces are the perfect way to express yourself in pretty much any situation.

Read on to learn how to wear statement necklaces with any one of your favorite outfits!

1. Know About Statement Necklaces

Before you can figure out how to wear a statement necklace, it's important to first understand what a 'statement necklace' exactly is.

There's no tried-and-true dictionary definition for what this means. But generally, there are a few qualities that make a necklace fall under this category:

  • A large size that becomes the focal point of the outfit
  • A shape that allows it to lay both high and low on the chest simultaneously
  • The wearer's attempt to keep the focus on the necklace over other accessories
  • The wearer's attempt to express their likes and personality through the piece

One example of a statement piece would be a large pendant necklace made from chain links, beads, and clear beads. Another would be a piece that features large hoops or bangles that loop around your neck many times and lay on your chest like a metal shield.

However, statement necklaces don't all need to be made from chain links- you can get large gemstones, beads, or plastic shapes to be the focal point of your necklace too.

2. Pick Something You Like

While picking a piece of jewelry that you like should go without saying, too many people neglect to do this when shopping for accessories. They get too focused on what matches their existing outfits to think about whether or not they actually like what they're purchasing.

Don't let this be you! When buying statement necklaces, focus on getting styles that you like.

After all, a statement necklace is the most important thing that you're wearing once you put it on. Think of your outfit as something used to complement the necklace rather than vice versa.

If you like a piece but aren't sure what you'd wear it with, head to a used clothing store or a place like Ross or TJ Maxx. It's possible to get cheap designer clothes if you're on a budget. Remember: the necklace is the outfit, and the outfit is the accessory!

3. Other Accessories: Yes or No?

Many people believe a statement necklace should be the only accessory that you wear. While this is a great way to go, we disagree with the people who say that this is essential for those who want the necklace to be the focal point of their outfit.

It's true that you don't want to use other large pieces when wearing a statement necklace. Doing so will not only detract from the necklace's attention, but it will also make your outfit look too busy and seem like a disorganized mess.

If you're going to use other accessories in conjunction with a statement necklace, you need really simple and subtle accessories like a single-band silver bracelet. Stud earrings are another good choice.

Using simple accessories in a color that matches your large necklace is a great way to bring out the necklace's hues. While people's attention won't be on your bracelet or earrings, it helps to bring your outfit together. Make sure that your simple pieces match your statement, though, or the opposite is going to happen!

4. Consider the Event

You may think that statement necklaces, because of their size, can only be worn in casual settings. However, this is far from the case!

It's true that casual outfits are the most popular for pairing statement necklaces with. This is because you can use pretty much any large necklace with them so long as nothing is clashing.

Large necklaces are a 100% acceptable way to express yourself when you're just living your life. They let everyone know that you're a loud and exciting woman who needs no permission to unleash her true self.

However, professional settings tend to require a little more subtlety. You may think that this means smaller beaded necklaces and tiny charms. While all of these are good options, you can also use statement necklaces that feature simple, clean hoops.

These large styles definitely will make you stand out loud and proud, but they also will show people that your volume is used for making business contracts and invoking professional authority. For this reason, handmade statement necklaces made with simple colors and styles can actually help you to be taken more seriously as a professional woman!

5. Coordinate Your Colors

Color coordination is key with any accessory, but especially with statement necklaces. Because these pieces are so large, there's no denying that they play a key role in the outfit that you're wearing. In fact, statement necklaces are in many cases the first things that people notice!

In order to coordinate your outfit, you'll first need to look at what you plan to wear. Identify the predominant color of your dress or blouse and decide on whether it's a warm or cool color. Warm colors include firey reds, oranges, and yellows, while cool colors are generally the blues and greens of the sea.

Generally, warm colors match up best with other warm colors, and cool colors match up best with other cool ones. However, more specifically, experts claim that there are three color schemes that fall above all others:

  • Black or white with one other color to make it stand out (think a little black dress with a brightly colored statement necklace)
  • A combination of three harmonious neighboring colors on the color wheel (your jewelry can be one color while your outfit consists of two)
  • A combination of two complementary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (think of a statement necklace in one of these colors and an outfit that's predominantly the other)

You can't go wrong when you try one of these styles!

6. Shape and Size

Once you've picked out a color for your statement necklace/outfit combo, it's time to look at the various sizes and shapes that you have to choose from.

Size-wise, things are pretty simple: you need a big necklace that wraps thickly around your neck. The necklace itself should take up most of your chest, just like wearing a scarf would.

Shape-wise, things are a bit more complex.

You're going to want to get something round or organic if your outfit has polka dots or other organic designs on it. This will give you a cohesive natural look and make sure that nothing painfully pointy clashes with your rounded shapes. Large hoops are a great way to go, as are voluminous chains handmade from circular links.

7. Hairstyles and Harmony

In addition to your clothes, there's one more aspect that you need to pair your necklace with: your hairstyle.

If you love the hairstyle you have now, then awesome! If it's time for a change and you want something that goes well with statement necklaces, look into some of 2020's biggest hairstyle trends and decide on what's right for you.

Bobbed hairstyles and other varieties of short hair are amazing with statement necklaces. Asymmetrical hair is also really popular right now and does wonders in complementing large jewelry. However, there are also lots of options for traditional long styles, if that's the route you want to go down.

Look on sites like Pinterest for people wearing statement necklaces and decide for yourself what hairstyles look best with them!

Learn How to Wear Statement Necklaces

Matching jewelry to your favorite outfits is never an easy task, and statement necklaces are even more of a challenge to coordinate. However, with a little thought, research, and an eye for fashion, you can have a fun time putting together an outfit that prominently features one of these gorgeous pieces.

Now that you have some tips on how to wear statement necklaces with any outfit, it's time to browse our vast collection of necklaces. Here, you'll find all kinds of statement pieces, from geometric shapes to organic ones. Plus, all of these styles are handmade and affordable, so you can get something that you know is unique to you!

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