6 Tips for Choosing a Necklace for Fall Outfits

Autumn is the transition from summer's warm, sunny days to the cold crispness of winter. Picture yourself holding a cup of hot apple cider, taking in the changing leaves. Fresh pumpkin pie is cooling on the counter. Everything is perfect.

Your jewelry should be, too. Autumn weather requires a flexible wardrobe (that's right: layers!). And so it can be difficult to choose jewelry that will complement your fall outfits.

Fortunately, this guide contains advice for choosing a necklace for your fall ensemble. If you need a gift for a beloved friend or family member, this article has you covered. And if you want something to inspire you during these crisp autumn days, you'll find exactly what you are looking for right here!

After browsing these tips, choosing a necklace for your fall outfit will be a piece of cake.

1. So Long, Summer

Ah, how you loved the warm days of summer! You had the perfect summer look, but now it is getting just a little bit too chilly. You've traded in your tank tops and sundresses for long sweaters and turtlenecks. 

This means it is time to transition your jewelry, too. Appropriate fall outfit accessories are key to any good outfit. What works in the summer won't necessarily work for fall. 

2. Sweater Weather

It's getting colder, which means you are probably wearing a sweater or cardigan as a top layer. Long, flowy sweaters are definitely in fashion these days. These types of sweaters and cardigans hide your figure more than your summer wardrobe. Therefore, you're going to want to choose a necklace that adds some definition to your look. 

Typically, you will find that in a 30-36 inch chain. This is on the longer side of the chain size sliding scale. The length of the necklace is very important here! What it does for you is it adds some definition to the look, as well as gives the eyes a place to go. 

Create a simple, relaxed look while still being highly fashionable!

3. Embrace Gemstones

September, October, and November have some absolutely gorgeous gemstones. It is okay if you were not born during these months. Wearing them during the fall is still highly fashionable. Gemstones are great ways to feature a beautiful pop of color on a simple chain.

September's birthstone is a sapphire. This piercing blue is perfect for the tail end of summer. It will remind you of the light blue skies and deep blue oceans from the preceding months. Take a little bit of summer with you into the autumn with sapphire!

October gets the opal and the tourmaline stones, both absolutely iridescent. The tourmaline tends to have a pink hue, while the opal is white. Both are light-catching stones. This makes them perfect for October when the sun's rays become a little more sparing.

And last but not least, November gets the yellow topaz and citrine stones. Both of these stones are deep yellows. There is nothing more magical than wearing a stone the exact color of crisp autumn leaves.

If you are intrigued by birthstones, figure out what yours is and wear it today!

4. Round Vs. V-Chain

Should you seek out a rounded chain or a v-chain for your fall ensemble? The trick answer is both! It just depends on what you are wearing.

If your autumn wardrobe contains v-neck shirts or blouses, match that with a v-shaped necklace. Essentially, any necklace with a large enough charm to weigh down the chain and create a v-shape should work. Consider initial necklaces as a great way to accessorize your outfit!

Autumn is also when most people break their turtlenecks out of their closets. If you're rocking a turtleneck or high necked shirt, definitely go for a rounded chain. Make sure whatever charms are on it will not weigh down the chain into a v-shape. A cute paperclip chain necklace should do the trick.

5. Create Contrast

Autumn is the season when people tend to dress in warm, earthy tones. If you like dressing in brown, black, orange, and red, this is your time to shine!

And when your outfit is a solid, natural color, choose a necklace that will give you a nice pop or accent.

Consider doing this with texture. Autumn is a great time to experiment with jewelry that is rich in texture. Think bold, think big, and think fun.

A great place to start is a wooden necklace. Wood is a fun way to accessorize in the fall. It will complement those natural, earthy tones you're wearing. The chunky shape is going to be a focal point in your outfit. 

You're going to love how many compliments you get on your accent necklace!

Choosing a Necklace

All of the above tips are great places to start when choosing a necklace for this autumn. But what matters most is what you like wearing. Life is too short to not wear the jewelry you love, and there is nothing more attractive than confidence.

To find out more about how Julio Designs supports this mission, contact us today. Other than that, get cozy, enjoy your autumn, and know that you chose the right necklace for your fall outfit!

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