15 Summer Earrings to Brighten up Your Look

Did you know that pirates used to wear earrings as part of a superstition? Apparently they believed earrings would protect them from bad spirits and sickness!

Hopefully, for you, your summer earrings will be worn to bring on the good vibes that come with the season! But which earrings should you be putting on your list for your fun summer shoots? 

Wonder no longer! Here are 15 of the best summer earrings to brighten up your look.

1. Big Hoops

You can thank African culture for the creation of hoop earrings, dating all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Big hoops were worn by pharaohs for style and as an example of their power.

Nowadays, if you want to look empowered while out and about, you can add a big set of hoops to your summer look. Big hoop earrings, thin or thick, give off a retro or boho look and add a statement to any outfit. 

2. Splash of Color

Since it's summer, loud and bright colors are all the rage. But how do you pull them all together into a cohesive summer look? 

With that splash of color in your bracelets, of course! Colorful bracelets can either add to a look or be the center of attention, however you style them.

If you want to make them the centerpiece, wearing muted colors will make the bracelets stand out. If you want to add to your ensemble, you can pair them with something you're already wearing, like your shoes, purse, or other jewelry. 

3. Framed Beads

A unique design is always something you should be ready to bring to a summer hangout. One way to do that is with some beautifully framed bead earrings. 

Framed beads come with a lot of variety design-wise. You can go for an elegant framed pearl or crystal. But you're also bound to find something your style with a little bit of digging!

4. Little Hoops

While big hoops can make a big statement, sometimes an on-the-go summer look will require a smaller one. 

For a more conservative look that still echoes those retro and boho vibes, little hoops are the way to go. You can find little hoops that come as starter earrings or even just medium-sized hoops that work for more sensitive ears. 

Either way, you're sure to look fantastic with a small pair of hoops on your ears!

5. Small and Simple

Following in the steps of the little hoops, small and simple earrings can be a great option for the summer. Big earrings make great companions for summer events like lounging by the beach with kids or window shopping in the city.

But there are tons of summer activities that require more durable accessories. If you're headed for a leisurely bike ride or drive and still want to add some style to your look, a small and simple earring like a pearl stud could be the final touch you've been searching for.

6. Square Hoops

If you want to break the status quo, why not try a variation on a theme? 

Square hoops are a fun way to switch up your style while getting the same effects of empowerment and boldness. These earrings definitely make the same kind of statement, but in an even more unique way. 

For bonus points, you can use square hoops to emphasize square polka dots, like wearing a square polka dot sundress with some flashy square earrings. Give it a try if you're feeling strong and courageous! 

7. Textured

Next up there are textured earrings. 

Earring materials are diversifying by the minute. From ceramic earrings to acrylic earrings to the classic silver and gold, people constantly find ways to create new and exciting jewelry. 

The texture of your earrings can add a lot to your summer look, so think about switching it up or mixing your metals to find the best combination!

8. Ear Chimes

Now, ear chimes are definitely not an official earring title, but earrings that look like chimes are completely in fashion this season. 

Earrings with a few moving parts that hang down have come in this summer, like tassel earrings made from leather or chains. These earrings add a simple look since they usually come in one color and often tie a look together based on the way that they're designed. 

Maybe you can pick some up that actually clink together to add a little music to your step everywhere you go this summer!

9. Wire-Wrapped

Wire-wrapped earrings combine the statement of hoops with the statement of texture and put it all into one earring. That can seem intimidating at first, but there are tons of different designs that pull this concept off effortlessly. 

A pair of wire-wrapped earrings also styles for sophistication. If you're out for a nice coffee or tea with friends or headed to a museum for a kid-friendly educational experience, these are the perfect accessories to be showing off!

10. Dangles

Dangles, not to be confused with bangle bracelets, are really flexible earrings. They hang down usually in one straight line with any kind of design you can imagine. 

These earrings are flexible because you can style them for any occasion. Mostly because they come in so many different designs, dangle earrings will fit for any summer activity: weddings, beaches, shopping, you name it.

This means they're also the perfect earring if you need to look put together in a jiffy. Let the dangles down and you'd never know you were rushing to clean the house before company arrived for a backyard barbecue! 

11. Funky and Fresh

If you need some positive energy to keep you going and are ok with stepping outside your comfort zone, a pair of funky fresh earrings are just what the doctor ordered. 

The idea with earrings that are funky and fresh allows for a lot of freedom on your part. You can pick earrings that don't perfectly match your outfit or a fun shape that you've never tried before because you've been a bit too nervous. 

Earrings with a funky and fresh vibe like unique shapes and bold colors are perfect to try out on a special date night with you and your loved one or brunch with your favorite ladies. 

12. Keep it fun 

A fun shape to add to your earring collection this summer is square. Square shaped earrings are the perfect shape if you want to project just that: fun! 

They're bound to be a kid favorite too, especially if you've got young ones, to send the important message of playfulness and enjoyment. Stars reach outside the basic shape list and will add some originality to your look no matter where you are. 

These make a great addition to a fun day at the beach or in the backyard when hosting get-togethers with the neighborhood families or with family friends. 

13. Geometric

Along the lines of fun shapes, geometric earrings, in general, are a great addition to any summer outfit. 

Geometric earrings definitely add that level of sophistication to any summer outfit along with the element of fun depending on the style that you choose. You can use earrings like the square hoops to make a big and unique statement or pick up a pair of square dangle earrings as a complement to any outfit. 

14. Ear Charming

Take the fun of chunky charm bracelets that have found themselves back in style to your ears! 

Earrings with unique features like stamped coins and intricate crosses are sure to draw attention in the best way possible. A pair of earrings that look like they belong on a beautiful charm bracelet is one of the best ways to enjoy those special moments of youth while keeping your outfits neat and modern. 

Some earrings with the charm-like look will also allow you to find some really unique earrings that will perfectly match your summer style. All it takes is a little bit of digging and you're bound to strike gold!

15. Double Hoops

Finally, as hoops have been all the rage in fashion — especially summer fashion — it would be a shame to make an ultimate list and forget about double hoop earrings

Double hoops can give you the best of both worlds. You get a big hoop and a little hoop; what more could a woman ask for? 

This style of earring also allows for many different styles. Double hoops also add the opportunity for you to get earrings that also have fun and different colors as well as fun and different metals. 

If you've been hoping for an earring design that checks just about every box, you'll get it with a pair of double hoop earrings!

Summer Lovin' These Summer Earrings

With this selection of summer earrings, you're sure to be having a blast this season! Which style of earring are you picking up this summer? 

Now that you've got a list of styles and designs to work with, why not check out how JulioDesigns can meet all of your summer earring needs? Browse our store to find the perfect earring match for you today!

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