12 Creative Stamped Jewelry Ideas to Gift for Any Occasion

When it comes to gift-giving holidays, there are certain types of gifts we tend to go to for the women in our lives: jewelry, flowers, and chocolate. Did you know that the majority of women actually prefer receiving jewelry over flowers and chocolate?

Next time Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or her birthday roll around, consider shopping for jewelry she'll love and get a ton of use out of. If you really want to get her the perfect gift, look for jewelry that is both creative and meaningful!

At Julio Designs, we're always thinking of new stamped jewelry ideas that women will cherish.

Read on for 12 stamped jewelry ideas that will knock this gift-giving season out of the park!

Our Stamped Jewelry Ideas

We're a huge fan of stamped jewelry and have come up with a few ideas of our own that are available to you at any time! We offer a variety of styles and colors to ensure that every customer will find the perfect piece of jewelry for their friend or loved one. Let's take a look at what we have in store for you.

1. Prayerful Thoughts

For the spiritual women in your life, consider our line of Devotion necklaces. You can choose from a number of Psalms, including Psalm 23.4 and COR 13:13. 

The pendant on these necklaces have a three-dimensional rectangular shape, giving us the space to stamp words on each side. Depending on the Psalm of your choosing, you will get corresponding words, such as "Fearless" or "Hope."

2. Little Mantras

Mantras are words or phrases that are meant to be whispered, chanted, or brought to mind during meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices. The goal is to choose a mantra that will bring you inner peace and calmness while boosting your confidence. Only recently has the western world begun studying the power of mantras, and they've found that they do, in fact, benefit your mental health

Our Novel necklaces, Platte bracelets, and Akron bracelets are inspired by this idea. Wearing a piece of jewelry with a word like "grateful," "fearless," or even "fabulous," can help you remember, throughout the day, that you are a powerful being.

3. Powerful Sayings

Not unlike the little mantras, we've developed a line of gorgeous necklaces that we call our Voice necklaces. The three hammered bars give us more room to stamp full phrases that will touch anyone's heart and remind them to smile!

Empower your loved ones with a necklace that reads, "She believed she could, so she did." Crack them up with one that cheekily reads, "Me? Sarcastic? Never." With so many options, you're sure to find the perfect gift!

Custom Stamped Jewelry Ideas

When you peruse our collection of stamped jewelry, you'll notice that all of them have the option for customized characters. We have several ideas for customized stamped jewelry that you can consider! Let's take a look at some of the ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

4. Her Name

Do you have a diva in your life that absolutely loves to love herself? Show her how much you appreciate and enjoy her self love by getting a necklace or bracelet made with her own name stamped into it! 

Or, using either the Devotion style or Voice style, add her name along with any significant loved ones in her life. Consider stamping your own name, if you are best friends or in a romantic partnership.  If she's close to her family, make it a "family" necklaces with names of siblings and/or parents.

5. Children's Names

A perfect Mother's Day gift (or anytime gift, because moms are amazing 365 days of the year) is a Devotion or Voice necklace stamped with the names of her children. Depending on the length of their names, you may also have room for their birthdays, too!

Mothers used to carry their children with them in the form of a picture locket. Now, stamped jewelry is a much more modern and trendy approach to this traditional look!

6. Pet Names

There are two ways you can take this particular suggestion! 

The first is to literally customize her stamp jewelry with the names of her pets. Dog and cat moms deserve to be proud of their hard work and nurturing abilities, too! 

The second is a little more tongue-in-cheek. The term "pet name" is a quirky synonym for a nickname! If she's had a cute pet name her whole life or you've given her one over the course of your relationship, a necklace declaring this name is a perfect gift.

7. Anniversary Dates

There are tons of dates worth commemorating in a woman's lifetime. It could be the day she graduated from school, the day she began a wonderful relationship, or the day she landed her dream job. 

In fact, the perfect way to mark an important anniversary is by giving her a necklace or bracelet stamped with the anniversary date on the day of the anniversary! 

8. Significant Places

People have a natural tendency to create a cognitive bond with a physical location referred to as place attachment. It could be the town where you went to college, the city where you met your significant other, or your hometown. Either way, most of us have a town, city, or state that we absolutely love--even if we don't live there anymore!

Give your loved one the gift of their favorite place so that they can take it with them everywhere they go! Have the name of the town, city, or state they love most stamped into a piece of jewelry. We can also add latitude and longitude coordinates.  If you use the Voice necklace for this design, you can even add a phrase like, "There's no place like home," to two of the three bars!

9. Inside Jokes

The Voice line is a great way to capture significant phrases or inside jokes. Maybe there's a line of a song that you both love to belt out or a quote from years ago that you still bring up to make one another laugh. Having those inside jokes or meaningful phrases stamped onto a necklace is possibly the most personal gift you could give!

10. Creative Passions

Every woman has a hobby or profession that she's wildly passionate about. Take a moment to reflect on your loved one's life and what they do for fulfillment. Then, think of a word or phrase that brings to mind this passion!

If she's a writer, consider words like, "Poet," "Wordsmith," or simply, "Writer." There are also plenty of marvelous words that represent artists, teachers, crafters, athletes, and even knitters or crocheters! 

Stamping her creative passion into a piece of jewelry shows that you pay attention to her joy, admire it, and believe that she should proudly share her talents with the world.

11. Universities

Who isn't proud of where they went to school? Whether it took two years, four years, or more, completing a degree at any level is something to celebrate.

If she's gone on to get not only a Bachelor's degree but even a Master's degree and Ph.D., consider using the Voice necklace to commemorate all three degrees (or all three schools, if she got them in separate places).

If she has a single degree, you can still take advantage of the spacious Voice necklace. Include her school's name on one bar, her line of study on another, and a phrase or word of inspiration on the third.

12. Unique Milestones

It doesn't matter if she is a mother, a working professional, or an academic. Every woman has achieved milestones that are unique to her life. 

Perhaps she published her first short story or traveled to her dream destination. Maybe she ran a marathon or achieved a personal fitness goal. Perhaps you've watched her overcome a significant hardship in her life and want her to know how proud you are of her.

Stamped jewelry is a great way to mark the unique milestones in life and cherish her accomplishments.

Where to Find Stamped Jewelry

If you're inspired by our stamped jewelry ideas, the next step is to find a jeweler who creates the kind of necklaces and bracelets that fit your loved one's taste and style.

At Julio Designs, our focus is on creating marvelous, timeless pieces that are versatile. Our jewelry is sleek and sophisticated but simple enough that it can be worn on any occasion with any outfit.

To unlock all of our great deals and learn more about what we do, create an account with us or shop around on the website to find the perfect stamped jewelry.

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