10 Ways the Right Bracelet Can Improve Your Outfit

When you are deciding on an outfit, sometimes people don't think about how accessories can really make an outfit shine!

Accessories such as bracelets can really go a long way into pulling an overall look together and making it incredibly fashion-forward. However, many people don't know how exactly to achieve this!

In this article, we will take you through the 10 ways the right bracelet can improve your outfit and overall style. 

It's often the little details that contribute to pushing an outfit choice to the next level of style and sophistication. 

Read on to find out more. 

1. Wearing Bracelets on Both Wrists 

A lot of people think that you have to only pick one wrist to wear your bracelets on. This simply isn't true! Wearing your bracelets on both wrists can really alleviate a look and draw attention to the intricacies of your jewelry. 

So mix up your metals, stones, and style and layer your bracelets on both wrists! There are no rules for only wearing bracelets on one wrist. This is great for an edgy casual look but can also be translated for an evening look with the right metals!

2. Perfect for Summer Outfit Accessories 

In the summer, you will be reaching for those shorter sleeves and shorter dresses to stay cool in the warmer months. With showing a bit more skin, this is perfect to team with some additional bracelets on your wrists. 

Our Belmont bracelets are made with electroplated lava rock beads you can wear one by itself or incorporate it in an arm party! The colors can really contrast against more subtly colored clothing and really make your outfit pop!

3. Match Your Other Jewelry 

A great way of having a cohesive outfit is to match your bracelets with the colors or metals of the other jewelry you are wearing. Pick out a metal such as silver, gold, or copper and make it consistent with other pieces like necklaces, earrings, and rings.

This is a bold and well put together look that will be eye-catching and work well with any outfit choice.

4. Highlighting Your Evening Wear Look

If you have a fabulous function or event to attend, your outfit and jewelry choice needs to be harmonious. A simple bracelet with minimalist detail or a simple charm can be a perfect addition to your eveningwear look.

It subtly adds class and elegance to your outfit without distracting or being at odds with your outfit. This can sometimes be the case with overly fussy or detailed necklaces. A simple but classy bracelet can be the ideal jewelry choice for an eveningwear outfit.

5. Match Your Bracelets to Your Outfit Colors

This is one sure way to really make a statement, especially if it is a bold color or range of colors. However, it can work just as well with a more refined or muted color choice. 

Whatever your outfit color choice is, a matching bracelet can be the perfect way to reinforce or complement a look. 

6. Stack Your Bracelets 

Another way to change up or improve your look is to stack up a number of bracelets on your wrists. If you prefer symmetry they can all be of similar colors and metals. However, you can make it work by changing up and mixing your bracelet styles to really make your look unique. 

It may take some trial and error to work out which bracelets go together and which don't, but it's a fun process to try out your jewelry to see what works with different outfits. 

7. Have a Focal Piece 

If you are deciding to stack your bracelets, it can be effective to have a chunky bracelet in the middle with smaller more delicate pieces surrounding it. It means that the larger bracelets draw people's eyes and attention and the simpler pieces reinforce the overall look.

This can be great for a fun day time look or even a first date to catch their interest!

8. Office and Work Wear Looks

When it comes to daily work life, adding a tiny bit of jewelry can be a superb choice just to diversify your outfits. A simple design or bangle on your wrist can be a great indicator of style but isn't too much or impractical for office wear.

Bangles and cuffs tend not to be practical for workwear, especially if you are having to use a computer or your hands a lot. This is why small, simplistic pieces are the go-to choice for work outfits.

9. Jewelry and Outfit Choices on Holiday 

When you are on holiday, you have completely free rein to wear and do what you want. This is the time to express yourself through your outfit choices on holiday.

Floaty maxi dresses, skirts, and shorts with bright, bold patterns are a holiday staple. This can be great paired with a few silver or gold bangles on each arm. This is the time where you can experiment and have some fun with your bracelet choices! The sky is the limit!

10. Mix up Your Metals!

This is a great way to take your look from average to amazing. By mixing up your metals with your bracelets and other jewelry pieces this creates a contrast that gives your outfit choice an edge and excitement to it.

Choosing the Right Bracelet: Where Can I Find Out  More?

We hope this article on choosing the right bracelet to improve your outfit has given you plenty to think about!

The great thing with jewelry, including pieces such as bracelets, is that they are so versatile and can be used in so many different ways! And you can have a lot of fun by trialing the various designs out!

If you have any further questions or queries about anything jewelry related, contact us directly!

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