Autumn Shine: 8 Earrings That Perfect Your Cute Fall Looks

The fall season is here! Your cute fall looks should transcend sweater weather clothing, though. Jewelry is the perfect accessory to show off your fall style this season, and nothing completes a festive fall look like a great pair of earrings!

So before you plan your next outfit, check out this exclusive guide to discover the top 8 earring styles for your next fall fashion ensemble. Let's get started!

Cute Fall Looks: Must-Have Closet Items 

Before you get started with your earrings, you must have some standard fall cozy looks in your closet. Fall is all about style and comfort, so your clothing should reflect that. Here are a few must-have fall fashion items for your closet:

  • Warm pull-over sweater 
  • Cozy cardigan 
  • Fall shawl in fall color scheme 
  • Warm leggings 
  • Knee-high boots
  • Autumn-hued scarf 

These essentials will make pulling off your fall look a breeze. Keep the tones warm and earthy for the fall season. Now let's take a look at some great earrings for completing your fall fashion!

1. Pearl Earrings 

Before the invention of the Cultured Pearl, natural pearls were so rare that only the rich and noble wore the unique jewelry item. Now, hundreds of years later, Pearls are still a classic jewelry item that everyone needs. 

Pearl earrings come in a variety of sizes, and the colors can vary as well. To pair pearl earrings with your fall look, you can choose between darker freshwater pearls or the standard cream color pearls.

The light hues of natural pearls are a classic look that will pair well with a dressed-up look for the evening. Choose freshwater pearls for a more casual daytime look. 

2.Square Hoop Earrings 

Square hoop earrings are available in various styles, such as a diagonal square or geometric dangle square earring. They can go back to match with any outfit.

These style earrings are perfect for a casual fall look. 

3. Coin Earrings 

Coin jewelry dates back to ancient times, and the trend is coming back around this fall season. Coin earrings can add a unique accent to your fall look that will complement your aesthetic. 

The rustic design of coin earrings pairs well with fall vibe outfits. Choose clothing options like shawls, knee-high boots, and fall floppy hats to wear with these earrings. Coin earrings are dainty but will definitely not go unnoticed!

4. Hammered Metal Earrings 

Hammered metal earrings are a classic fall jewelry item that every jewelry box needs! These earrings shimmer and catch and reflect the fall sunshine effortlessly. They feature three shades of metal: rose, gold, and silver. 

Wear your hammered metal earrings for a daytime look or a formal fall affair. The material is lightweight, so you won't need to change them from a day to night look. 

5. Wire Wrapped Hoop Earrings 

The mixed metal of wire wrapped hoops is an excellent addition to any fall outfit. The cool silver contrasts beautifully with the warm gold and vice versa. These earrings are a bold statement earring, so wear your hair back to show them off!

These earrings can be worn for either a daytime or nighttime look. Pair the earrings with warm fall colors in your outfit like sunny yellow or warm auburn. 

6. Maltese Cross Hoop Earrings 

The Maltese Cross symbolizes heroism and fire, so wearing these earrings this fall might just light the flame you need this season! These hoops are big and bold, so your outfit should complement the earrings, not outshine them. 

These earrings are on the larger side, so choose them for an event rather than wearing them all day long. The rustic texture of the Maltese Cross earrings is perfect for adding fall vibes to any look!

7. Classic Thin Hoop Earrings 

The thin hoop earring is a classic choice no matter what time of year; however, in the fall, this effortless accessory truly shines. Gold-toned thin hoop earrings are perfect for your fall look. 

The warm-hued metal pairs well with autumnal color schemed outfits. Additionally, thinner hoops are lightweight, making them comfortable to wear from a daytime look to a night look. Try wearing these earrings with matching toned bracelets and necklaces to complete the fall look with ease. 

Creating a Vibe 

Cultivating cute fall looks is easier than ever with this simple guide. Earrings complete a look. When you add earrings to your ensemble, you are making an effort to create a fall look. 

Fall vibes don't stop with just earrings, though! We have a variety of other jewelry and accessories that can help you create the perfect look no matter what season. Keep your look classic or be bold this fall and try something daring in our collection.

We would love to connect further with you on all things style! Click here to learn about how we can help you complete your look all year.

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